Abraxas Programs

Residential and Community
based offerings

Abraxas Youth & Family Services operates programs in 5 states to include Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

State Program Name Location Gender Age Services / Specialties
Colorado Southern Peaks Regional Treatment Center Cañon City, CO Male & Female 10-18 RESIDENTIAL:
Behavioral Health Treatment Programs
Sexual Misconduct Treatment Programs
Substance Abuse Treatment
Native American Programming
Youth Involved in Human Trafficking

Day Treatment Program
Illinois Naperville Bridge School Woodridge, IL Male & Female 14-21 Alternative educational services for youth
with emotional and behavioral challenges
Illinois Southwood Interventions Chicago, IL Male & Female 18+ RESIDENTIAL:
Substance Abuse Treatment
Medically Monitored Detox
Dually Diagnosed (MISA)

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Services:
Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient, DUI Re-evaluation & Treatment
Illinois Woodridge Interventions Woodridge, IL Male & Female 13+ RESIDENTIAL:
Substance Abuse Treatment (ages 13-18)
Recovery Home Step-Down for Substance Abuse Treatment (ages 16-19)
Men’s Unit for Substance Abuse Treatment (ages 18+)
Women's Unit for Substance Abuse Treatment (ages 18+)
MISA Programs

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Services:
Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient & DUI Services
Ohio Abraxas Ohio Shelby, OH Male 13-18+ RESIDENTIAL:
Residential Substance Abuse Treatment
Behavioral Health JSO Treatment
Emergency Placement Unit

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Services
Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Services
Pennsylvania Abraxas I Marienville, PA Male & Female 14-18+ Residential Substance Abuse Treatment
IORP (Intensive Open Residential Program)*
Pennsylvania Abraxas Academy Detention Morgantown, PA Male & Female 14-18 Secure Detention
Pennsylvania Abraxas Academy Secure Treatment Morgantown, PA Male 14-18 Secure Residential Treatment for Habitual Offenders and Sexual Offenders *
Pennsylvania Abraxas Residential Mental Health Services (PRTF) Marienville, PA Male 12-18 Medically Necessary Mental Health Treatment
Pennsylvania Abraxas Youth Center Secure Treatment South Mountain, PA Male 12-18+ Secure Residential Treatment for Firesetters & Sexual Offenders*
ReSET (Secure Residential Treatment)*
Pennsylvania Lehigh Valley Community Programs Allentown, PA Male & Female 10-18 Family Structure Restoration
Visit Coaching
Aggression Replacement Training® (ART)
Pennsylvania Non-Residential Treatment (NRT) Cumberland County, PA Male & Female 11-18+ Mentoring & Counseling Program
Family Coaching
Case Management/Supervision
Pennsylvania Preparation for Adolescent Transition to Home (PATH) Cumberland County, PA
Delaware County, PA
Montgomery County, PA
Male & Female 12-18+ Transitional Services for Successful Community Reintegration from Residential Placement
Pennsylvania South Mountain Shelter South Mountain, PA Male & Female 10-18 Shelter Care
Pennsylvania Specialized Treatment Program South Mountain, PA Male 11-16 Residential Firesetter & Sexual Offender Treatment*
Intensive Residential Services*
Pennsylvania WorkBridge Pittsburgh, PA Male & Female 11-21 Community Based Restitution Recovery and Community Service
South Carolina Camp Aspen Columbia, South Carolina Male 12-19 Residential Treatment*

* Program Available to Males Only