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Abraxas Ohio, located in Shelby, Ohio provides residential treatment services to adolescent males and outpatient treatment services to adolescents and adults. Abraxas has been serving youth and families for over 25 years through partnerships with juvenile court systems and child caring agencies throughout the state of Ohio. We have continued to expand our service offerings as the needs of adolescents and their families have increased in complexity.

Many clients referred to our programs have co-occurring conditions such as substance use and mental health disorders, family dysfunction, trauma and abuse histories. We utilize multiple evidence and competency-based curricula. We have adopted the trauma-informed care principles of the Sanctuary® Model as a foundation for treatment. We are promoting safety and recovery through the active creation of a trauma-informed community at Abraxas Ohio.

Abraxas Ohio

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Abraxas Ohio offers two specialized treatment programs:

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services
  • Adolescent males ages 12 –under 21
  • Treatment based on ASAM criteria
  • SUD Residential, Partial Hospitalization, IOP
  • Co-occurring Mental Health Services

Behavioral Health Treatment for Adolescent Males Involved in Sexual Offenses / Sexually Abusive Behavior

  • Adolescent males ages 12 – under 21 with a history of sexual offending or sexually abusive behavior
  • Adjudicated and non-adjudicated
  • Mental Health Day Treatment

The following evidence-based curricula are used:

  • Co-Occurring Disorders® Cognitive Behavioral Curriculum
  • Thinking My Way to Freedom
  • Living in Balance®
  • Matrix Model for Teens – Intensive Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program®
  • Aggression Replacement Training®
  • Teen-Intervene (Substance Abuse Program specific)
  • Pathways® Curriculum (JSO specific)
  • TOP Workbook for Sexual Health® & TOP Workbook for Taming Violence and Sexual Aggression®
  • Stages of Accomplishment®
  • Being Who I want to Be (Based on the Good Lives Model®)

Our highly structured substance use treatment program is firmly grounded in a therapeutic model that addresses criminal thinking errors, cognitive and behavioral changes, and evidence-based practices. Substance use treatment services are provided by certified or licensed clinicians and include individual and group counseling, case management, crisis intervention and family services. Although a variety of treatment modalities are utilized in response to a client's assessed needs, cognitive-behavioral therapy is the core approach. Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (CBT) provides a personal awareness of learned emotional responses on enhanced communication skills through self-disclosure and positive relationship building, on cognitive restructuring to reinforce positive values and self-esteem, emphasis on thinking patterns, emphasis on boundary setting, and trial and error learning. Admission determinations to the Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program are made utilizing ASAM admission criteria.

Our Behavioral Healthcare program is certified by the Ohio Department of Youth Services to provide juvenile sexual offender assessment, treatment and transitional services. Through a cognitive behavioral therapy model of treatment, the program provides comprehensive mental health services with an emphasis on eliminating future sexual offending behavior. We utilize nationally recognized risk assessment tools (e.g. ERASOR, JSOAP-II) along with measures of protective factors to guide treatment and ensure highly individualized services. Our specialized treatment for youth with sexually abusive behavior seeks to provide individualized treatment services with goals determined by community safety, the victim’s safety, needs identified in the risk assessment, and increasing protective factors. Treatment services, including Mental Health Day Treatment Group programming, are provided by certified/licensed clinicians. Program services include individual and group therapy, family counseling, and psychiatric services as needed.

Abraxas Ohio offers on-site, year-round educational services to youth placed in our residential programs. The Abraxas High School is fully accredited and licensed by the Ohio Department of Education. We contract with Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center to staff our school with highly qualified and certified teachers. Credits are transferable to the youth’s home school, and GED and higher learning is available for eligible students. All youth are provided with life skills/independent living services while at the residential facility, to include a life skills assessment and programming that prepares them for transition from custody to self-sufficiency. This service is educational in nature and focuses on pertinent topics to enhance the youth’s ability to live independently. Educational services include:

  • Students can continue to attend school, accrue credits and transfer those credits back to their home school upon discharge from the program
  • Students can graduate from our school by earning a high school diploma
  • Students can prepare for and take the GED
  • Special Education services
  • Career exploration services and training related to the employment market
  • Credit recovery and credit acceleration using independent studies and credit flex
  • SAT and ACT preparation and testing
  • Assistance with completing FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Life skills/independent living services

Family involvement in the treatment process correlates with an increase in positive outcomes; therefore, families are encouraged to be involved from the time of admission. Abraxas facilitates transportation to the residential center for families to participate in visitation, family sessions, and counseling services. Abraxas provides education and family therapy for youth in placement. Family members are invited to participate in goal development through the Individual Service Plan (ISP), family counseling and family visitation sessions, quarterly progress reviews, and discharge planning meetings. Family members learn how to assist clients in making healthy life decisions, providing appropriate supervision, address criminal thinking/behaviors, and work on modifying familial dynamics that may have contributed to the problem behavior. Abraxas will facilitate and coordinate a continuing care plan prior to discharge.

Community service opportunities are provided for all residents. Opportunities exist in a number of settings, including at the program and when approved, off-campus activities. Whether court ordered or simply as an opportunity to grow and invest in our communities, each resident will have the opportunity to participate in a community service event. These events are important measures for our youth to demonstrate growth and recognition of their potential impact on a community.

Adult and Adolescent Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment

The outpatient program serves male and female clients. Program staff provides treatment services for people with mental health and substance use disorders. Our treatment approach is designed to address the holistic needs of clients by offering gender-specific treatment, individual, group and family counseling services. Additionally, the program provides comprehensive, integrated care and community support services including case management, community psychiatric support and treatment, advocacy and collaboration with courts and schools. Random drug screens may also be provided.

Accreditations & Certifications

PREA Facility

Abraxas Ohio is a certified PREA Facility

Joint Commission

Abraxas Ohio is accredited by The Joint Commission

Sanctuary Institute

Abraxas Ohio has partnered with the Sanctuary Institute for clinical and organizational change