The Teacher Assistance Program (TAP) Grants

October 1st, 2020

The Teacher Assistance Program (TAP) Grants are awarded to individual classroom teachers or small teams of classroom teachers.THE MAXIMUM GRANT AMOUNT IS $1,500.

This year, four Abraxas teachers received TAP Grants:

  • $1,492.33 Special Education Resources | Julie Pfeifer
  • $1,413.90 Tiered Instruction & Intervention for Struggling Readers | Vivian Brownlow
  • $1,095.90 Culturally Responsive Novels in the Diverse ELA Classroom | Cassandra Lowery
  • $1,378.20 Academic & Career Readiness Resources | Dorothy Sharrock

Julie Pfeifer’s grant will be used for Special Education math manipulatives and high-interest, low-level reading materials to support struggling students. Cassandra Lowery’s grant provided the funds to purchase class sets of six culturally relevant and responsive texts to be taught in the diverse ELA (English/Language Arts) classroom. Vivian Brownlow’s grant focused on Tiered Instruction for Struggling Readers through an online reading assessment program. Dorothy Sharrock received a grant for Career Research resources and Math Manipulatives to supplement her GED and Post-Grad courses.


"I am so proud of my staff for putting in the extra effort to write grants on top of teaching during a pandemic. Their main focus has always been on helping our students by providing engaging materials and activities to support our struggling learners. I can’t wait to see how these grants improve our school and create a positive learning environment!”