Spread a Little Love

April 24th, 2020

In support of COVID-19 patients, all the essential workers, and all who are sheltering at home, the Abraxas I campus participated in "Heart Hunters" to spread a little love, comfort and hope.

An idea started by a very creative and inspiring mom in Illinois who was making hearts with her children to place in her windows during this time of social distancing, quickly evolved as she took her hearts to social media with her Heart Hunters Facebook group. A little over a month from its inception, Heart Hunters has over 800,000 members and more than 10,000 posts! People from all over the country are sharing their hearts and the staff and kids at AI wanted join in. The kids were encouraged to speak from their heart in their design. The hearts were all created and hung on the front windows of the dorms on Monday April 20th. A prize will be given to the dorm with the most impressive display. Yesterday, judges traveled dorm to dorm and hunted for hearts. The winner is Mohican Dorm and Seneca Dorm was a close runner up! ❤️