Abraxas LDP provides benefits to last a life time

August 7th, 2019

This summer, six young men who are residents at the Abraxas Leadership Development Program came together as LEAP Explorer Team 1 by mutually agreeing to use Responsibility, Receptivity, Patience, Tact, Endurance, Maturity and Integrity.

They pledged to stay focused and loyal to the team, themselves and the full value contract all members signed. They made a commitment to hold themselves and their teammates to a higher standard and they set off on their first team adventure. They started on the LDP high and low ropes course, they went digging for fossils at a state park. They went canoeing on Laurel Lake and down the Yellow Breeches. They went rock climbing, rappelling and on an overnight backpacking trip. They started a fire with flint and steel. They learned about ropes course belaying and were able to perform this newly learned skill. But most importantly, they learned to trust. They learned to communicate. They learned about the positive effects of peer support. They learned new skills that they can each use to engage in pro-social activities when they return home.

What did the kids have to say?

I never saw myself doing anything like this. Now that I’m doing it, I realize I can change.

I’ve had a change in attitude; how I talk, how I carry myself. My anger is gone.

Structure is key. I am becoming better than I was before.