Exploring Emotions Through Art

August 7th, 2020

We recognize the diversity in our adolescents in the ways they best receive new information, and how they choose to express it. In order to address these various learning styles, we incorporate a combination of talk therapy, role plays, physical activities (including yoga), and art therapy to introduce concepts and address their needs.

This past week, led by therapist Samantha Forchione, our Behavioral Health clients completed the Mask Activity. This activity requires them to identify the emotions they feel the most and to assign a color to each emotion. Group members painted the outside of their mask with the colors of the emotions they show to the world, the more space a color takes up, the more of the emotion is shown. The inside of the masks were those emotions that they struggle to share. Group members then processed why they feel more comfortable sharing some emotions and not others. Through this activity, our youth explored the importance of expressing their feelings in a healthy way.