Abraxas Youth Center Celebrates 20-year Milestone

September 20th, 2019

On September 20th, the Abraxas Youth Center hosted residents, staff, retirees, and volunteers to a luncheon and an afternoon celebrating AYC’s 20th anniversary and success.

The event offered the opportunity to BUILD CAMARADERIE, SHARE PAST STORIES, and to ACKNOWLEDGE and HONOR the work of those who have made the Youth Center what it is today.

Since its opening 20 years ago, the Abraxas Youth Center has increased capacity to serve more youth and offers a wider variety of programs and transitional support activities promoting positive youth development. Its program model recognizes the developmental needs of youth and encourages them during the various phases of their social, physical and intellectual maturation. Today, the Abraxas Youth Center continues to truly exemplify its founding mission of PEOPLE CHANGING PEOPLE.

The theme of the celebration was “I GOT YOUR BACK” and during the opening ceremony Facility Director Mike Grassmyer highlighted the achievements which solidified that theme. Executive Vice President, Jon Swatsburg was also in attendance. As Mr. Swatsburg reflected and shared a story of his time at AYC, he thanked staff and said,

The Abraxas Youth Center has had many changes over our 20 years, but one thing that has not changed is the dedication and loyalty of staff committed to our partners and those entrusted to our care.

Jon Swatsburg

Executive Vice President