Greenhouse & Garden Galore

July 19th, 2019

Students at Abraxas LDP are going “green” in the on-site greenhouse & garden this spring

On a Thursday morning in May, students of Ms. Davidson’s science class are getting up to leave the room—but it’s not because class is over. These students are part of a lucky group that gets to plant, work, and harvest flowers and vegetables in Abraxas LDP’s on-site greenhouse and garden. The program serves to get the kids outside to participate in hands-on and inquiry-based learning about the way our food is grown and how energy cycles in our environment. Students in this class are also learning about the interactions between plants and animals and catching all kinds of snakes, salamanders, skinks, and insects while outside exploring their world.

As of now, the program is in full swing and churning out over a thousand plants that have been lovingly grown from seed by the students. Starting in March, the kids planted in high-yield plug trays and then transplanted their “plant children” in larger and larger containers, culminating in placement in our garden. You can find everything from squash, beans, sugar snap peas, arugula, brussel sprouts, and cucumbers to a smorgasbord of tomato and pepper varieties. The plan for harvest is for students to make their own pickles, tomato sauce, and hot sauce, as well as just to chow down on fresh produce they can be proud of. Additionally, Abraxas LDP boasts two very well-loved chickens named Blue and Eleanor who can be caught (with some effort) and fed by hand.

Students at Abraxas LDP are quite proud of all the work they have done on this project and all of the community service hours they have earned beautifying their campus. Upon discharge, students can take a potted plant to go, whether to court or back home to Mom. With sunny days in the forecast, you can be sure to see students hard at work caring for our garden and chickens for months to come.

Matthew Maser

Leadership Development Program